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I’ve been thinking very hard how I want to benefit from this course.  Of course I want to increase my understanding of educational technology and see how others are using it.  More than anything, I want to try out these new ideas.  I’ll share my trials and tribulations with you on this blog, twitter, facebook and google plus.  I’ll comment on what you do and I hope that some of you will comment on what I do!

I’m a graduate student and I work primarily training faculty for LMS migration to Sakai.  Knowing more about educational technology will be a huge help for me.   I’ve been reading facebook posts in Change11 for the past few days, as well as twitter feeds and fellow participants’ blog posts.  I can definitely see that everyone has a wealth of information to offer each other.  This will surely develop into a great experience!


About sylrog

I am a graduate student getting a PhD in Instructional Design at the University of South Alabama. My main interests are foreign language acquisition, qualitative research, theories of learning and learning management systems. (So many interests, so little time) I work as a graduate assistant in the Innovation in Learning Center at the University of South Alabama. I also enjoy outdoor activities and generally being active.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to MOOC! It’s very interesting and I’d like to try it out 🙂


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