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Review of Ben & Jerry’s Shweddy Balls Ice Cream

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I enjoyed my roasted beet and pickled okra salad for lunch, but I must admit the entire time I was thinking about getting my mouth around some Shweddy Balls ice cream. Here I offer my humble review.

The ice cream does not lack balls for sure.  I got balls in every spoonful.  However, my first mouthful of Shweddy Balls was a little disappointing. I expected a slightly salty flavor.  Some lightly salted roasted nuts would have been good.  The malted milk balls did add a satisfying crunch.  You want a good crunch when you bite into a ball.  The package says “Vanilla Ice Cream with a hint of rum and loaded with fudge covered rum and malt balls.”  There is no “hint of rum.”  The taste of rum is overpowering.  Maybe it is the combination of the rum in the ice cream and rum in the balls. The rum flavor just doesn’t work here for me.   Shweddy Balls is certainly edible and I’m glad I got some.  However, I don’t see myself biting into these balls again anytime soon.


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  1. I’ve never heard of it, Shweddy balls? I’d like to see the picture next time please.


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